Weight Testing at the University of Windsor Engineering Labs

We had a great time weight testing the stools at the University of Windsor in Ontario.  These cutting edge facilities allowed us to test the stools for weights in excess of 3000lbs.  The organic nature of the compound curves combined with the elasticity of the polyethylene proved to be incredibly robust.  Even under such extreme force, the stools would only gradually deform in shape, never tearing or bursting in any way that would create an an unsafe circumstance for the user.

Labor Support Conference in Chicago

Being invited to speak at the "From Evidence to Practice" Labor Support Conference at the University of Illinois was a great opportunity to share, learn, and exchange with nurses from all over chicago who are  working towards improving the support available to their patients. .  The conference focused on a review of research findings to support complementary therapies during labor, and provided hands-on practice of a variety of labor support techniques.  My talk and demonstration was part of a session that looked at maternal movement and positioning before and after administration of an epidural.  

During our session we had the chance to practice and experiment with positioning the Kaya stool in a hospital maternity bed.  This was a great position that utilized the Kaya stool, and the birth ball for support.

Labor Support Birth Ball Stryker Maternity Bed