We believe that only you can guide your best birth experience.  The Kaya Stool is designed to support the most natural and physiologically effective positioning throughout labour & delivery

The Kaya Stool can be used in a wide range of settings and positions, allowing you to respond to your body throughout labour and delivery based on what feels most comfortable and most effective for you.


These upright positions, including squatting, kneeling, lunging, and rocking increase the available space within the pelvis and stimulate more effective contractions, and have proven to yield the best health outcomes for you and your baby.


Anywhere You Choose

In Hospital.  At Home.  Even In Water.


We designed the Kaya stool to allow for safe use in whatever setting you choose.  The single part design is both stable and easy to clean and disinfect, easily meeting hospital standards for safety and infection control.  It can even be safely submerged in a tub or pool for use in water.



Before, during, and after your birth


 Getting familiar with the positions facilitated by the Kaya Stool will allow you to move more comfortably through them during labour & delivery.  After birth it can remain in the home for continued stretching and strengthening as your body recovers after birth, and later as a playful piece of children's furniture.