More and more hospitals around the world are offering their patients use of the Kaya Stool



Patented single part design makes the Kaya Stool easy to clean and disinfect, meeting hospital standards for safety and infection control

Effective Positioning

Compound curves ergonomically supports a wide range of effective positioning

Birth Partner support

Patented double ridge design facilitates active participation and support of the birth partner


Strength & Stability

The robust nature of the compound curves allow for comfortable support of up to 700lbs

Patient Safety

The Pro Model Kaya Stool has been tested at weights exceeding 2000 lbs, and even under such extreme force, the stool will never compromise patient safety by tearing or bursting in any way 

fully submersible

The Kaya Stool is the only birth stool available that can be fully submerged in water for use in a tub or pool


+ Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes, we are able to process purchase orders. Please fill in our Purchae Order Request form on the Purchase page to receive our W8 form and other information.

+ How much weight can the Kaya Stool support?

The Personal Use stool can support up to 375lbs. The Pro Model can safely support up to 700lbs

+ Is there a danger of the product breaking or collapsing during use?

The Professional model stool has been tested at weights exceeding 2000lbs in a laboratory setting. At no point will the material burst or tear in any way. When the stool has surpassed its maximum weight capacity, the material will very gradually deform in a way that the material cannot recover from, meaning the product will be permanently damaged. This means that even under extreme circumstances, the stool will never 'give out' in a way that would cause risk of harm to your patients.

+ How long before the stools need to be replaced?

The stools are made from a plastic with some elasticity, which means that at heavier weights, the stool will contract to bear the weight, and then return to its original form. Over time, the integrity of the stool will gradually wear down. When you begin to see deformation that does not return to its original form, it's time to replace the stool. The hospital grade stools are warrantied for 24 months in a high traffic setting.

+ What is the procedure for cleaning?

The single part design makes the stools easy to clean and disinfect in a hospital setting. The stools can be easily wiped down with a 1:10 bleach solution, or any medical grade disinfectant. They can also be cleaned using a cart wash system. A sample hospital cleaning protocol can be downloaded on the Usage page.

+ Is it possible for our facility to trial the stools?

We do offer a trial period of 60 days within which the professional models stools can be returned for a full refund of the purchase price.

+ What colours are available?

The professional use stool is lilac purple.