We discovered that the latest research supports these upright positions as best health practice for women

Source – World Health Organization


Some statistics

  • Being upright during labour and birth can increase the available space within your pelvis by 28-30% giving more room for baby to be born
  • Your contractions are more effective. Some preliminary studies have shown that an upright position in labour is as effective as an Oxytocin (Pitocin) infusion in stimulating contractions
  • Your baby is 54% less likely to become distressed during labour and birth if you are in an upright position
  • The length of the first stage of labour, between 3-10 centimetres can be significantly less when you remain upright, active and mobile
  • Upright positions reduce the duration of the second stage (pushing stage) of labour
  • Being upright has been shown to result in a 23% reduction in medically assisted deliveries- more space, less distress and a shorter labour results in fewer necessary interventions
  • A 21% reduction in rates of episiotomy (a cut made to the area between your vagina and anus) in women who give birth in an upright position
  • A 29% reduction in emergency caesarean sections
  • Mothers have a reduced need for epidural pain relief when they are upright