Squatting during childbirth

Squatting during labour increases the pelvic opening and helps to draw the baby further down into the pelvis

waterbirth stupport

Water can help in coping with the pain of contractions.  The buoyancy provided by water also makes it easier to move freely, aiding in your comfort

comfortable upright birth optimal positioning

Standing or lightly lunging in the 'stork' position increases the efficiency of contractions helping to dilate the cervix

Birth Stool Comfortable Upright Birth Partner Support

With a Partner the Kaya Stool can facilitate both physical and emotional support from a partner during labour & delivery

Movement During Birth Effective Positioning for Labor & Delivery

Movement during labour is an effective way to cope with discomfort and pain.  Rocking uses gravity to help with the progressions of labour and dilation of the cervix

Advantages of Upright Positions During Birth

At Home the stool can be used for massage, and to support stretching and light exercises such as kegels

Natural Birth in Hospital Birth Center At Home

Kneeling uses gravity to help with the progression of labour and is an effective way to cope with pain and discomfort

Kaya Birth Stool for Squatting and Effective Upright Positioning

Reclining in a 'froggy' position with the legs rested on the Kaya Stool is a comfortable and relaxing way to rest after an epidual has been administered

Side Lying Birthing Positions

Side-lying takes pressure off the back, and helps to open the pelvis, aiding in the intensity and efficiency of contractions.

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