The lighter weight Personal Use Kaya Stool offers you all of the benefits of upright positioning in the setting of your choice


Use your Kaya Stool in advance of birth to get comfortable with the

positioning that feels best for you.



Each Kaya Stool comes with a guide to help you learn how different positions and movements can help guide your labour



Talk to your healthcare provider and seek out all available resources.  Involve your partner, play, explore, and experiment to help you best prepare for your upcoming birth


Use your Kaya Stool for light stretching, exercises such as kegels, and massage with your partner in preparation for your upcoming labour and delivery



The patented double ridge design facilitates your birth partner's participation, allowing him or her space to join you on the stool for support


Fully submersible in water for use in a pool or tub.  Try placing your Kaya Stool in the shower to enjoy the benefits of warm water falling on your back during contractions 


Patented single-part design is easy to clean and can support up to 400lbs.  Pthalate-free food-grade polyethylene will never give out on you by tearing or bursting in any way